Hi, I’m Chris and I care.

Hi, I’m Chris and I have a family, a business and am actively involved in the entertainment and events community. I am looked upon and depended upon in all three of those areas as a leader. I take that responsibility with the utmost level of seriousness and honor. For a moment though I want to talk about Chris, the small business owner.

As a young boy / teenager, I was drawn to music. About 35 years ago, I feel in love with entrepreneurship and the art of being an entertainer / DJ. After spending the first 4-5 years “figuring it out”, I said to myself… “I wonder if I could make this work for a career” like SO MANY others in the event industry have. I stuck my nose to the ground and was on my hustle every day. It took a while, but over time I was able to develop a small, conservative business that I was proud of and allowed me to stand on my own two feet as a successful small business owner.

With the hit of COVID-19 I have been faced with questions that I don’t really have the answers to at the moment. From my family, “Will we be able to survive this? If so, for how long?” From my staff, “how long do you think this will last? Should we be thinking about finding other work?” From my colleagues and people who look to me for answers in the various organizations I serve as a leader in, “How will we survive this?”

These and so many other questions were never a part of my original business plan or preparedness plan because like many other small business owners I went into it with a game plan, faith and confidence in myself and my business model.
I am a small business owner. My community is full of small business owners. My friends are small business owners. We are struggling. We don’t know when the economy will recover.

Several events are rescheduling their dates. Some are cancelling and/or suspending services. Many small business owners don’t know how they’ll keep the lights on, pay the bills, and rebound their businesses if the current pandemic continues. Small businesses can survive…with your help.

If you are a customer of someone in the events industry, I URGE you to consider these things when making difficult decisions about your event. No matter what your reason for celebrating is, we ALL want you to have the celebration you have planned for and deserve. PLEASE consider finding a date to reschedule your event. For you this may be just one day, one event in your life BUT for so many this is their WHOLE LIFE. If there are no events, we don’t work. If we don’t work, we can’t survive.
This has impacted humanity on a global scale and may take longer than we ever thought to get through. For many, this may be something that is unrecoverable. During the last few weeks, this was the first time in the last 20 years that we have not been performing at events, like we normally do each week. But then there is also next week….and the next week…and the next. The continued cycle has no real end in sight. However, we and many others can work through this situation…together.

Together, we can support one another. Businesses, especially small businesses, are run by real people, just like you. If we all work together, stand together and support each other, we can survive. Not only in business, but in life.

I am not writing this to have ANYONE feel sorry for me, my staff or our business. I am writing it because in my personal circle of friends and business colleagues, there are 1,000’s of amazing people who could write just about the same story with their own individual details that lead them to where we are today. To those people, I say I stand with you and for you. I am here to support and champion you. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that somehow, some way we will get through this.

To anyone who reads this, I urge you to support the events industry by using the hash tags #saveevents and #savetheshow These amazing people deserve to have a chance to continue living the American dream of being a small business owner.

To my family and my staff, I say, KNOW that I will never stop fighting to get through this and come out of it stronger than ever. Thank you for your love and continued support.

To my clients and customers, I say, Stick with us! We’re here because of you and will continue to be here because of you. Thank you now and then!

Hi, I’m Chris…and I care. I care about you and many others.

If you’re a current client of ours and have questions, please email us. We are reviewing events on an individual basis.

If you’re thinking about hiring our services, please connect with us. We’ll be happy to speak with you about your future event and how we are doing everything to be flexible with the current situation.

We’re here to help!

Stay well.

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