Online Event Planner Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please read carefully.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We’re here to help.

Upon successful login to your online event planner you will see your navigation pane on the left listing the selections below and some primary event information.

The “Dashboard” selection will show the date, location, setup time, event countdown, start/end times, current balance due and payments made, along with recent email messages that have been sent through the online planner.  Please note that only emails and messages sent directly through the online planner will be shown here.  Other emails and messages sent directly to us, i.e. direct emails and text messages, will not be shown here.  The “Dashboard” is also your home page.

The “Event Details” selection will list your event type & details, venue details and uploaded files and documents, such as your event agreement.  Your Event Planning Tools are listed here, to the right.  Feel free to click on and use any area that may apply and be useful to you and your event. Your Event Worksheets are super important and help us to make your event run smoothly.

Please click on and begin preparing your Special Event Worksheet & Event Timeline & Agenda.  Fill in any areas that are applicable to you and your event. Complete the paperwork when able and at least 15 days before your event date, unless otherwise noted.  This gives us enough time to review the details with you and make any necessary changes.  If you are unsure about any area of the worksheets, please leave them blank and we will be happy to assist you. The Timeline may be completed after reviewing the event worksheet with you during the final call/meeting.  It will list all of the timing completed from the event worksheet.

The “Client Profile” selection is where you may complete or add/change any pertinent information needed for your event agreement/contract.  Please take a moment to review and complete, if necessary, any important sections in this area.  You may also upload a photo here to be shown on your planning forms.

The “Payments” selection is where your event package, details and payment information are listed.

The “Select Music” selection is where you may choose any special music for your event.  You may use the “Add to Playlist” buttons to add songs to your 3 lists.  List 1 is for Must-Plays.  List 2 is for Play-When-Able.  List 3 is Do-Not-Play.  The additional area “Special Requests” is for any additional requests or songs not listed in the Popular Music Charts Database.  You may use the “Add Request” button to populate this list.  To remove a song from your lists, simply click on the song title, then click the “remove song” button. You may also place any specialty songs and web-links to those songs on your event worksheet, where noted.  You may choose as many songs as you wish, but you are not required to choose every song for your event.  Let us know your likes/dislikes, favorite songs, etc and your DJ will properly program your requests along with other fun songs to keep your party fun for all.

Please see our helpful music hints below:
*Before adding music to your “Select Music” playlist, please take a moment to review your Special Event Worksheet, located in your “My Event” tab.  You’ll see many areas to write in your specialty music selections. *In the music selection area, you have up to 50 available requests.  These requests are typically for the dancing portion of your event and does not include your cocktail hour, dinner, specialty dances and activities, which would be placed in your event worksheet. *50 song requests are almost 3 hours of music..  Most open dancing at events are 1-3 hours.  Feel free to choose songs that are fun for you and your guests.  Songs that are upbeat and danceable are best.  A mix of classic and current selections make everyone happy.  You are not required to choose every song for open dancing.  Your DJ is very proficient and will program music correctly to fill in any gaps in your playlist, leave room for any approved requests and keep your party moving.

The “Communicate” selection is where you may communicate with us directly from within the online planner.  Please remember that only messages sent from within the online planner will be listed here.  The “Instant Answers” area is a chat feature that is available if we are currently online.  If we are not online at the time of your chat request, we will reply either through email or text message when able.  You will also see our primary contact information listed here.

Please use the “Event Planning Tools” section under the “My Event” tab to create more detail for your event.  You may list any event notes, special announcements, provide vendor and special guest info, use the guest manager feature, print documents, refer a friend and schedule a call with us.  Listing your other vendors will help us to create a team for your special event. Most selection areas within the online planner will change color when completed or updated.

You may also click the “Event Home” or “Return to Event” buttons, where applicable, to save your input.  (Quick tip:  Putting the cursor in another selection box will also change the selection area color to confirm.)

Under the “Uploaded Files & Documents” section under the “Event Details” tab, you will find pdf copy of your event agreement, receipts and invoices.  Balances may be paid at anytime and are due 30 days before your event date, unless otherwise noted.  We will send you a payment request, similar to others you may have received when confirming your event.

The “Logout” selection (located in the upper right corner of your planner) can be used to logout of the planning system when you are finished.  You may add/delete/change information to your online planner at any time using your login information.  We recommend a little at a time as your event planning and details become available.  The planning should be fun ????. The Event Worksheets and Timeline & Agenda will highlight most everything that may take place at your event.  It’s a great guide to make sure we cover all important items and details.  If you are unsure about something, please leave it blank and we’ll go over it when we review the final details with you. Kind Reminders* *Please complete your event worksheets & timeline/agenda at least 15 days before your event date, unless otherwise noted.

The online system will lock out access & changes two weeks prior to your event date, unless otherwise noted.  This gives us enough time to review the worksheets, make any necessary changes and finalize the planning portion of your services. *If you have other event pros (venue, event coordinator/planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, etc.) who require ay thing from us, please list their contact information in the vendor section of your online planner.  Please also have them contact us within 15 days of your event date, so that we may properly assist with their request.

*When you’ve made your final changes to your online planner, please email us ( and schedule a call with us (using the link in your planner) to review your final details.  Please allow at least 2 business days between your online planner completion and your scheduled call date/time.

We look forward to your special event!

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns you may have.  We’re here to help!
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